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Malindi Watamu Beach

Malindi and Watamu Beach offers varied attractions to tour on your beach trip in Kenya, from deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving at its marine park to day touring the prime hotspots like the Malindi Museum, Vasco de Gama Pillar, Church of St. Francis Xavier, Juma Mosque, the central town area and also the outskirts of the ancient ruins of Gedi near Watamu.


Deep Sea Fishing In Malindi If you are a serious angler or just interested in trying your hand at deep sea fishing, Malindi is the place to be for your angling excursion on the Indian Ocean. What sets Malindi apart from other fishing destinations is the unique combination of underwater terrain and ocean currents.

Snorkeling In Malindi Marine Park Peering unobtrusively into the waters of the Indian Ocean provides a fine marine safari experience for aquatic lovers, and snorkeling provides an excellent way to enjoy Malindi Marine Park as you simply relax on the surface of the water and watch the colorful and frenzy sea creatures below.

Scuba Diving in Marine Park While snorkeling gives you an incredible view from above the coral reefs of Malindi Marine Park, the up-close-and-personal experience of diving on the reef is exceptional.

Malindi Museum Situated near the Malindi jetty is a two-story building that serves as the Malindi Museum where you will find various exhibits that reveal the colonial history of the town, as well as a library and information center.

Tour of Malindi Malindi is an idyllic seaside town that is deeply rooted in a colorful history that began in 1498 when Vasco de Gama first visited the location. From the winding streets to the centuries-old houses, you will see the story of Malindi unfold before your eyes.

 Malindi Marine Park Established in 1968, Malindi Marine Park became the first protected marine area in Kenya and eleven years later, the UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve Program identified the area as a Biosphere Reserve.

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