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Lake Bogoria & Baringo Deals

The word spectacular is what comes in the mind when one visits Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo

It is located in the North Rift not far from Lake Baringo, about 25 kilometers apart.

However, it is confounding when you realise that one is saline while the other has fresh water.

Thousands flamingos are a common sight in the lake across the year.

Lake Bogoria looks breathtakingly beautiful with the beautiful light pink flamingos all over it. Lesser Flamingo is the smallest species of flamingo.

“The Prettiest sight you will ever see is thousands of pink Flamingos feeding on algae, created from their droppings mixing in the warm alkaline waters and plankton

Lake Baringo is, after Lake Turkana, the most northern of the Kenyan Rift Valley.  lakes, with a surface area of 130 square kilometres (50 sq mi) and an elevation of 970 metres (3,180 ft). The lake is fed by several rivers, Molo, Perkerra and Ol arabel, and has no obvious outlet; the waters are assumed to seep through lake sediments into the faulted volcanic bedrock. It is one of the two fresh water lake in the Rift Valley in Kenya, the other being Lake Naivasha

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